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Interview With Chris Zaremba, the Creator of “Fit Happens” as it Returns for a Second Series

Our fitness magazine programme Fit Happens is coming back for the 2nd series with Chris Zaremba and Team. The show covers fitness in many different ways – in the gym, in the kitchen, in exercise classes and out in the fresh air.

Chris reports from a 5km run and checks in with local communities for the updates on latest fads and all things fitness! With special interviews with nutritionists and fitness experts! Find out the recipe for healthy Fish and Chips, so you never have to feel guilty again!

“We’ve targeted this programme at the overall community – it’s not a commercial enterprise in any way.  If the programmes help just a handful of people find ways in which they can reduce their fatness levels, and increase their fitness levels, then it will have done its job”. Chris

We caught up with Chris to find out more about how he began a career in fitness and what inspired him to want to help others.


1. What made you get into fitness?

I reached the age of fifty and I went to see my GP for something else and he did some measurements, took my blood pressure and sugar levels and he said that I was overweight physically unfit and unhealthy. I had high blood pressure, sugar levels and high cholesterol levels and he recommended that I take an interest in exercise and better eating. It changed my life because he said that if I didn’t change my lifestyle then I wouldn’t see the next ten years of my life. At that stage I was nearly eighteen stone or 115kg and he told me to shape up or face the consequences really. At the same time I had to go for my flying lessons for a pilot licence, I have a pilot licence to fly small planes but every year you have to go for a medical. I failed the one that I took when I was fifty because of the high blood pressure, heart rate and I was heading towards diabetes, so in two weeks I had two warning from two different doctors. I hadn’t been eating healthily and cleanly for thirty years so I had been getting less and less unfit but those were the two kicks up the bum that I needed (lol).


2. What made you want to get into television?

When I got into fitness I met a guy in the US called Rob Riches who is actually British and quite famous. I met him in a gym and he gave me a personal training session. It was Rob who initially got me into muscle fitness rather than just trying to lose weight. He has a YouTube channel with lots of videos, and he’s done TV shows as well, so when I started doing training sessions with him his enthusiasm for media spread to me. He also has a studio and an agent that he does things with, I watched some of his videos and it was good to me. Also the first training session that I did with him was filmed and he asked me if I would very amateurishly do his training session with him so I did. He then showed me how he edited the video and it struck me as fascinating. All I do is read visual magazines in the gym with regards to the appearance of the body and athletic approach, it’s good to use visuals to actually show that you have changed for the better. Another thing which I think is important to say is that I have won fitness trophies which some of my friends have seen and find inspirational. So I am keen to spread the word to my own generation as much as I can, if I can convince them to go down the same route then I think it is something very worthwhile.


3. What is your favourite exercise?

There are two types of exercise Cardio which is running, cycling etc, Weights training and Cross-training. I actually enjoy both every day I do 40 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of weights training. If you are going to force me into a particular favourite I think that everybody who goes to the gym a lot like to do chest, so anything like a dumbbell press is good and I like working legs as well. I am not a believer in squats I have a bed back and as squats is based on putting a heavy load on your shoulders to work the legs and I don’t think it’s a good idea to put that much weight on top of your spine.


Top three would be Bicep curls, Chest Press and leg machine


4. Best advice (or top three tips) for people wanting to start to get into fitness?

You’ve got to find something that you enjoy, I always find that even if I am travelling I always try to do some exercise and eat healthily. I always use the phrase

“If it is something you really want to do you will do it”

If you don’t like it or if it is something you are forced to do you will find an excuse not to do it. Also don’t expect quick results, try and make it part of your lifestyle, think of it as a combination of movement and what you consume. I always found it easier when I thought of it as something that I wanted to do not just what my doctor told me to do. Now if I don’t do any exercise I am definitely a grumpier person the next day or so my wife Jenny tells me! So I have now become conditioned to it.


5. Best advice for helping others? Or if I wanted to help others what advice would you give me?

Begin to learn about what it is that you want to pass on and then share the knowledge with as many people as you can. It depends how much time you have to spend, one of the first things I did when I started was to qualify as a personal trainer so I learnt a lot about the body, nutrition and becoming qualified as a personal trainer. Then you can either turn it into an occupation or even a business. Also try to lead by example a lot of my friends saw my trophies and found that impressive, so the best way is to show the benefits of what you are doing. People sometimes ask me how do I get motivated to do it? I don’t really understand that question, as if you love something that is the motivation.

I mean what do you like doing Andrew?

Me: Walking

So do you have to get motivated to do it?

Me: No I just go out

Right so you just go because you enjoy it, it’s the same with any occupation, gardening or anything. I have lots of stuff on YouTube and watch Fit Happens, the whole idea of fit happens is to let people know that fitness isn’t a chore and how you can turn something you thought was a chore into something joyous to do. Start with you, you enjoy walking, to increase your fitness level walking 30% quicker means you burn 30% more calories per hour and you get to where you are going faster where’s the harm in that?

Me: No harm in that! Well thank you for your time Chris it was nice talking to you!

Thank you if you have any more questions just drop me an email.


STARTS 1ST MAY  - 16:30 / 10:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY on the Community Channel – which is FreeView 63, Sky 539, Virgin Media 233.  

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