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London Tales - This November on Community Channel!

This November, past and present merge together, revealing hidden tales of London. From its historic roots to contemporary life, these tales focus on the people who have made it one of the most exciting capitals in the world.

These are just some of the wonderful tales coming your way this November

Italians in London

Documentary series exploring every aspect of the lives of Italians who have moved to London. With wide ranging interviews, from celebrity chef Francesco Mazzei, to students studying in London, to journalists like Barbara Serra and Ferdinando Guigliano, to the CEO of King (Riccardo Zacconi) to local street vendors, this series uncovers every aspect of what it means to be an Italian living in London.

Banging out – Fleet Street Remembered

Banging out tells the story of Fleet street, charting its history from the 1500s when William Caxton's apprentice set up a printing shop in Shoe Lane, until the digital revolution saw presses move east to Wapping and elsewhere in the 1980s and 90s. Using interviews with those who used to work the prints, as well as impressive archive footage, Banging out gives a true insight into fleet streets heyday.


Going Undergournd – Tales from the Tube

In 1863 the world's very first underground line was opened to passengers travelling from Paddington to Farringdon in London. Charting the 150-year history of the London Underground from that first passenger journey to today, Going Underground puts the workers and ex-workers on the London Underground at the forefront of this uniquely London tale.


Lappings, Lemel and Sweeps - Stories from Hatton Garden

As the centre of london’s jewellery trade since the 18th century, Hatton Garden has a long and storied history. Lappings, Lemel and Sweeps inspects the golden tales that make up the identity of Hatton Garden, with pearls of wisdom coming from those who work there providing a fascinating insight into their world.


Tailored Stories – An Oral History of Savile Row

As London’s tailoring heartland, Savile Row has many tales to tell. Guided by the experiences of those who know it best, the people working within the trade, Tailored Stories celebrates the history of Savile Row, and the skills of the men and women who worked within it.


The weekend Millionaires

For nearly all of London’s history, the Thames was London's main transport hub. Watermen used to transfer passengers across London on the Thames and were as important to the capital as the underground is today and lightermen transferred goods between ships and quays in the Port of London. The Weekend Millionaires reveals the history of London’s docks, so crucial to the city’s development, putting those that worked there right at the centre of its story and revealing an amazing aspect of London’s tale.

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