Live Well this January

If you've over-indulged this Christmas and not sure how to kickstart 2012 the healthy way, then watch some inspiring programming on Community Channel this January.

In associate with NHS' Live Well you can access health tips - including healthy diet plans, exercise tips and advice on how to stop smoking - by pressing the red button whilst watching Community Channel.

You can also access all these tips and more on the NHS Live Well site, including a review of the 10 most popular diets by health and nutritional experts.

Healthy Programming in January

Too Big to WalkToo Big to Walk - Wednesdays at 10pm

Eight seriously obese people make the journey of a lifetime, walking 500 miles from the south coast of England to Edinburgh in a bid to get fit before it's too late.

Too Big to Walk premieres on Community Channel, January 4th at 10pm

DietsMy Big Fat Diet Show - Saturdays at 9pm

Anna Richardson grabs the UK by its love handles and shows viewers how to drop a dress size in two weeks. No fads, no gimmicks, just simple calorie counting and exercise makes this diet a definite winner for a fun, quick fix to kick start the year.

Anna hopes to shock her dieting divas with the true calorie content of their food and encourage the switch to healthier options. She also busts some of the myths about the dieting business, and investigates how the food industry encourages shoppers to buy unhealthy products with supermarket offers and bargain deals.

My Big Fat Diet Show premieres on Community Channel, January 7th at 9pm

Save Your LifeI Want to Save Your Life - Mondays to Wednesday at 6.30pm

I Want to Save Your Life features undercover health interventions staged by Charles Stuart Platkin, also known as the Diet Detective. Charles’s unique approach encourages men and women from all walks of life not only to change their eating habits but also to explore the underlying problems or emotional conflicts in their lives that may be causing them to overeat. Once overweight himself, Charles has dedicated himself to helping others and is passionate about that mission.

I Want to Save Your Life premieres on Community Channel, January 9th at 6.30pm

Generation XXLGeneration XXL - Tuesdays at 10pm

Almost one million British school children are obese and every one of them is different.

Over the coming years, Channel 4's new landmark documentary series will follow the lives of a group of seven overweight children on their journey towards adulthood to find out what it really feels like to be growing up fat.

This is not a quick-fix diet programme. Generation XXL is a chance for the nation's obese children to tell us what life looks like through their eyes and what the future holds, in a series that is not only about losing weight, but also about living with it.

Generation XXL premieres on Community Channel, January 17th at 10pm

Community Channel has compiled a concise factsheet with the basics about a healthy regime and organisations that can help you get fit for 2012. Download below.

Body Matters (PDF, 123KB)