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On 8th March the world marks International Women's Day. This date has been used to celebrate the successes and highlight the struggles of women for almost a century.

This year Community Channel are showcasing feature-length programming directed by women filmmakers, or highlighting women's issues.


Hidden HerstoriesHidden Herstories: Women of Change - Tuesday 6th March 10pm

UK premiere. This documentary looks at the live of four incredible and influential women who haven't had their rightful place in the history books. Hidden Herstories; Women of Change exposes the plights and determination of Octavia Hill, a pioneer in social housing and one of the founders of the National Trust; Claudia Jones, a pivotal figure in establishing the Notting Hill Carnival; Amy Ashwood Garvey, founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and the Association for the Advancement of Coloured People; and Jayaben Desai, who made unprecedented advancements for workers rights by leading the famous Grunwick strike.

Repeated Friday 9th March 10pm

Carmen's Kiss smallCarmen's Kiss - Wednesday 7th March 10pm

UK premiere. The film is the tragic story of Joe, a Police Sergeant in London who falls for Carmen, a feisty gypsy girl, who is the victim of an Eastern European gang of sex traffickers. Joe rescues her from her horrific entrapment and begins to love her like no man has before. However, his love for her invokes the ire of his friend Michael and is put under strain when she seeks revenge against her former captors.

Repeated Saturday 10th March 10pm

And a London360 Women's special

Including some new and classic features on influential women and women's organisations from our young roving reporters. Presented by Emily Jane Brown.


It's easy to assume that women in the creative industries get a fairer deal when it comes to the pay gap and employment opportunities compared to traditional industries, but with the ongoing rows over sexism within the BBC, and the fact that thousands more women than men drop out of the TV and Film business, it appears that's far from the case. So what do women in the industry think needs to change and what are they doing about it? Emily Brown find out.

This is the first year that Female Boxing will be competed in the Olympic Games. Abdullah Moallim went along to check out the British hopefuls.

Tom Whiter meets Liz Weiner, who has traded sleeping rough on the streets to guiding other people around them. We also hear from Sock Mob the organisation that gave her the confidence to transform her life.

Also includes: SlutWalk (pictured, top), The Fawcett Society and Billie Bickley one of the most pro-active Big Issue vendors in the capital.

Watch from 12th March on Mondays, Thursdays at 7am, 12pm, 7pm and 12am. And Sundays at 12pm and 12am.


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