Brilliant Britain - Episode 12 - Kent

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21 July 2014, 05:53

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The Brilliant Britain team are in the Garden of England, commonly known as Kent, showcasing some of best local projects and communities who do something brilliant everyday.

Hosted by Lydia Maddix and Bogdan Alexe

Polo Farm Sports Centre
The presenters join The Wheelchair Tennis Team and learn about how the sport has affected the lives of the participants. The Wheelchair Tennis Team is ran at the Polo Farm Sports Centre, which has been running for over 20 years and has been a registered charity since 2004.

Dandelion Time
Volunteers at Dandelion Time tell the Brilliant Britain team about the benefits children and families have experienced through working on a farm. This project has been created to support those who have suffered traumatic experiences through therapy sessions to restore trust and gain sustainable changes in their lives.

Aylesford Local Food Market
Held on the 3rd Sunday of every month, the local community has come together to showcase their fresh produce here at Aylesford Local Food Market. Lydia and Bogdan mingle with the locals and take part making some tasty treats!

Kings Hall
The team goes back to the Edwardian era when they visit the newly refurbished King’s Hall in Herne Bay. Funded by the Big Lottery, this conservation project has helped to resurrect the hosting venue of orchestras and social gatherings dating as far back as 100 years.

Lucky Jackson
This week’s Fresh Talent is folk singer and acoustic artist, Lucky Jackson, and his manager Sarah Quinn talk to the Brilliant Britain crew about his new music.

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