UK360 - Episode 28 - Charlie Dimmock

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09 October 2012, 10:59

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Charlie Dimmock has returned to present this second special episode of UK360 – part of Community Channel’s Farm To Fork season. We’re going to find out how communities in the UK work to improve our relationship to food.

Manchester Veg People
Up in Manchester, we hear from Manchester Veg People – a food co-operative that is all about keeping it fresh, organic and local. Growers and buyers are working together to provide Manchester with the highest quality, locally sourced food they can offer. If you’d like to find out more about the work of Manchester Veg People or to find out about similar schemes in your area, check out

Edible Playground
We venture to Islington to see how pupils at Rotherfield Primary school are benefiting from an edible playground that is teaching them all about food production and healthy eating with the help of the charity Trees for Cities and an ‘Edible Playground’.

Joanna Lumley
We meet national treasure Joanna Lumley, who fills us in on the dark side of egg farming. The Compassion in World Farming group does a lot of work globally to promote sustainable farming methods as alternatives to battery farming and their absolutely fabulous spokesperson Joanna tells us about the horrifying conditions of battery farmed chickens, as well as why you should always ask your waiter if the eggs are free range.

Global Action Plan Environment
Did you know that if everyone in Britain gave up eating meat for just one day a week, the reduction in greenhouse gases would be like taking more than 5 million cars off the road? The charity Global Action Plan aims to teach businesses, schools and communities about how they can lessen their impact on the environment. In this film, they explain how the way the world currently farms is having a hugely adverse effect on the environment and how something urgently needs to be done about it.

The Vegan Society Fitness
UK360 meet marathon runner Fiona Oaks, who tells us why the vegan lifestyle is the way forward and shows us that vegans are just as fit and healthy as those who do include meat and dairy in their daily diets!

Remember, we’re always looking for films for upcoming UK360 shows. So if you’ve got an amazing film about an interesting project in your community, send it to us and we might show it on national television. Email us at

Part of Community Channel’s Farm To Fork Season:

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