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05 February 2013, 11:33

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Riaz Jay and Yaw Busia are your presenters for the latest London360 – the show that explores the capital's hidden communities, latest showbiz news and day-to-day trials and triumphs of Londoners.


We look into the difficulties for women of ethnicity in the working world and how they have become success stories. In today's world, women are very much as independent as their male counterparts. But do some stigmas still remain? Is it still difficult for women of ethnic backgrounds to get the highest paid jobs? We went down to talk to some inspirational women.

Ekta (Unity) Project (Newham) is a charity based in Newham. It was set up in 1986 after research to find out why Asian elders were not accessing the service and suffering in silence. The research showed that the reason was that the services users were not culturally appropriate and sensitive to their needs. The result of the survey also showed that Asian elders suffered from isolation which led to depression and other mental health problems. London360 visited to see how EKTA works. Details:

We examine the stigmas behind male depression and find out what the organisation CALM do to help men get through this illness. It's during the cold months of winter that we find many people of all ages suffering the most. Calm is an organisation that allows men of all ages talk about their problems over the phone. But why is depression still a massive issue for men to talk about? No man should be ashamed to hide their feelings and talking to friends or family about their problems can help put their mind at ease. Details:

Have you ever had days where you don't quite feel like yourself? Well, we went to visit people who have made transitions in their lives because of those very feeling. London is home to many cultures and alternative lifestyles. Many people come to the capital so they can live and express themselves with confidence. London360 visited people with gender dysphoria to give this community a voice.

Laughter is the best medicine, so we visit a group of Abnormally Funny People who have a cure to laughing at taboo subjects. Laughing at people with a disability is considered unacceptable by most people…. except for a unique group of comedians who want to show that having a disability doesn't mean you or others can't have a laugh about it.

1 in 4 people in the UK will have mental health concerns over the course of the year. In the age of austerity, support for those with mental health issues is more precarious than ever. Now, the government is coming under fire for its controversial work capability assessment for disability benefits, which many say is not fit to handle those with mental health issues. London360 attended the London court protest.



Has black culture made British society cool?


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