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07 January 2013, 02:45

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Valentina Etaghene is your presenter for the latest episode of London360 – the show that takes a look at the capital’s hidden communities, the latest showbiz news and the day-to-day trials and triumphs of normal Londoners.


North London-based transport company Veolia is well renowned for being on bins across the capital. But recently, a protest group brought to light the fact that the company was also apparently engaging in settlements across Israel and Middle East – making an already tense situation worse. Furious Londoners wanted to point out their dissatisfaction. Reporter Alex McDonald investigates.

Elderly Isolation
More than one fifth of over 75-year-olds live alone in London today, struggling with everyday loneliness – especially at this time of year. It is always a hard time for the elderly community, yet there are organisations out there like City Bridge and Contact The Elderly who tackle the issue of social isolation among older Londoners. Reporter Valentina Etaghene explores why this problem still exists. More details: and

Climate Exchange
The environment is a challenging area where a number of conflicting opinions and issues are heard. However, young Londoners are getting the opportunity first-hand to speak with experts on what their future planet needs and how their generation can make that change. London360 takes a look.

Youth Enterprise
With a lack of jobs and opportunities for young people always being high on the political agenda, London360 reporter Eliot Goward takes a look at how the older generation are helping the youth form their own business opportunities across the capital.

Food Cycle
With society going through the longest bought of recession yet, food wastage across the capital is a huge unseen issue. On the other hand, Londoners are living in more poverty than ever unable to feed themselves healthily. Reporter Nyima Pratten takes a look to see where the two connect with a food cycle in Bromley By Bow.

Skin Lightening
Ethnic communities have many taboo issues that have been traditional for years but get swept under the carpet after a while. For African and Asian people, the issue of skin lightening has always been prevalent. Recently in the East London borough of Newham, however, the dangerous goods trading standards department swooped on skin lightening products that were putting Londoners looking for fairer skin-in danger! Kiran Kaur reports.


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