UK360 - UK360 Episode 25

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24 August 2012, 12:04

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Ed Sheeran, One25 gig
One25 is a charity in Bristol that reaches out to women trapped in street sex work. UK360 caught up with Ed Sheeran and Luke Concannon as they performed at One25’s gig in Bristol city centre and found out why they’re supporting their ‘Give it up’ campaign.

Momentum are a charity in Kingston that supports children and their families who have cancer and life-limiting conditions. We’re now going to watch a inspiring film about the life-changing work they do.

Digital Street Papers
Street papers like the Big Issue are well known for helping homeless and vulnerable people earn a dignified income. But with the increasing shift from print to digital, street papers are struggling to keep up. UK360 caught up with Joan, a big issue vendor, to find out about an exciting new pilot scheme.

What’s your poison?
When you buy alcohol, can you always be sure that what you are drinking is genuine? UK360 reporter Katy Roscoe went to investigate the illegal production and sale of fake vodka, in the densely student area of Leeds.

Crumbs Cafe
Crumbs is a charity in Southampton that aims to train disabled people and those with mental illness by teaching them skills in baking, cooking and serving in their cafe. UK360’s team at Southampton Solent University spent a day in their café to find out more.