UK360 - Episode 42 - Andi Peters

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08 April 2013, 02:09

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England: Andi Peters hosts the first in a series of Big Lottery Fund specials of UK360 – the programme that gives a voice to local communities across the UK.

This month on UK360, we're going to be focusing on projects supported by The Big Lottery Fund in each of the four nations; here we're focusing on some of the projects the Big Lottery Fund has enabled to help change lives and make a difference in England.

The Big Lottery Fund is the largest distributor of Lottery money to good causes and distributes around £600m every single year. It has awarded an estimated £6bn since 2004 to projects supporting health, education, environment and charitable purposes. And today we're only just scratching the surface on what that money has helped achieve!


First, we have the inspiring story of Gary and Hannah Bishop, who decided to set up the Justlife Centre in East Manchester after they recognised a need in their community for support for people who'd recently left prison or were suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. When they realised that their service needed to be open a lot longer to meet the needs of the local community, they turned to the Big Lottery Fund. More information:

Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund's vital £200,000 grant, the Friendly Bus is able to continue providing an essential service for the local community, helped by the addition of a new minibus. We hear from residents and volunteers in the rural town of Shropshire who desperately depend on the help of their Big Lottery Fund-supported bus service to go about their daily duties. More information:

We go to Oxfordshire, where the Damascus Youth Project is getting young people actively involved in their communities with the aim to change their perspectives on where they live and to realise they can make a huge difference. As part of BIG's Young People's Fund, it's safe to say the Damascus Youth Project is improving young people's perspective on their communities, especially when participants aren't just being led but are actively helping drive the project themselves. More information:

We're off to Coventry to visit the Corley Centre, which is running lunchtime and after-school clubs for children with learning difficulties that introduce them to the responsibilities of horse riding and stable management in order to help improve their wellbeing. Funding the Corley Centre has allowed these children to personally develop and build their confidence, which could not have happened without the Awards for All programme. More information:

Now for another project that's engaging young people in the community. The High Oak Youth Group in Birmingham runs workshops and activities for all ages centring around healthy eating and being active, while promoting a safe environment to socialise with other young people. Angela Edwards, the manager of the project, is going to tell us more about what they do. Thanks to over £9,000 from BIG's 'Awards for All' programme, Friday nights will never be dull for young people in Dudley! More information:

Remember, If you have a film that highlights an inspiring project in your community, email us at and it might make it to a future programme.


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