London360 17/09/12

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18 September 2012, 10:26

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What is it about dressing up that brings people together? When London360 went down to the biggest comic convention in the capital – Cosplay, which explores the wonderful world of costume play – it caused such a stir we decided to show it again!

Cuddle Workshop
Cuddles are crucial in any successful relationship. Studies have found that when we hug each other, the chemicals released have profound —physical and emotional effects. Although London is one of the busiest cities in the world it can also be a very lonely place, and at the end of a long day, all you may want is a hug to take away stress and bring a bit of comfort. Reporter Riaz Jay went to find out how powerful the power of human touch can be…

Forced Marriage
A story that touched us all at London360 was that of Shafilah Ahmed a harrowing tale highlighting the dangers of forced marriages. Arranged marriages have played a traditional role in many cultures for centuries matching suitable partners and bringing families together. But how much do we know about forced marriage? Shortly after the UK government made the practice a criminal offence, we went to meet a victim who has lived through the ordeal…

Lyrix Organix
The London 2012 Olympics were a fantastic moment for communities to come together. Everyone got involved; from fashionistas creating Olympic themed clothing, to business enterprises having Olympic-themed merchandise. Even musicians were inspired by the Games. For the occasion, London360 reporter Yaw Busia went down to The Yard Theatre in Hackney to see how Lyrix Organix, a spoken word event, managed to actually run a relay.

Transport For All
If there is one thing London is well known for, it is our transport system. In the run up to the Paralympics, reporter Flaminia Giambalvo went to investigate how accessible the capital’s transport system is for those with mobility issues.

Binge Drinking
Over the summer festivities, many of us have enjoyed a celebratory drink. But do we know where to draw the line? Have we become a society that fails to drink responsibly? Reporter Jyoti Kumar explores whether we can change London’s binge drinking culture.

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