Brilliant Britain - Brilliant Wales: Episode 2

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12 May 2014, 12:07

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Adam Duce and Huw Ware host the second episode of Brilliant Wales from the Brecon Beacon national park.

As well as the amazing scenery, they'll be bringing you some of the most exciting projects that Wales has to offer.

Challenge Wales
The Challenge Wales is a 72-foot yacht originally built to race around the world — something it's done twice! Now, it's used by a Welsh charity to provide young people with the opportunity to experience sail training in Cardiff Bay.

The project is entirely run by volunteers, and take young people ages 16-25 out on voyages that can last a week!

If you're interested in the project you can read a little more about it here

Talgarth Mill
Talgarth Mill is the only water mill in the Brecon Beacon national park, and uses the stone ground flour in it's award winning bakery and café.

As well as providing a unique insight into the history of milling, the project has really made a difference to the local community. Huw Ware shows us round the mill and hears from some of the volunteers who help run the project.

If you'd like to visit the mill, click here

Recovery Cymru
Recovery Cymru is a mutual-aid support community in Cardiff for people seeking recovery from drug and alcohol problems. A strong focus is placed on strengthening communities of people in recovery, with their members designing and running activities themselves. We'll be meeting Andrew Sims, a member of this community and this week's hometown hero, to hear his story.

Learn more about the project at

Swansea Community Farm
Established in 1992, Swansea Community Farm works towards allowing people of all ages to learn about the environment, gardening and animal care.

There's also a strong focus on volunteers playing an active role in the community and building on personal growth. The farm is run entirely by volunteers and is often described as an outdoor community centre as well as a farm.

If you're interested in visiting the farm, you can find out more about it here

Geraint Rhys
Geraint is a bi-lingual singer song writer, singing in both Welsh and English. Today, he's sharing his video for Welsh song Ble Mae'r Haul? with us.

If you want to hear more of Geraint, you can visit

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