Beyond Borders - Bitches and Beauty Queens: The Making of Miss India

Posted by CommunityChannelTV

22 March 2012, 02:27

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This film follows a small group of women through their struggles to reach the finals of Femina’s Miss India contest and captures their lives on and off the stage.

In recent years a Miss India has won six of the world’s top beauty titles. A large part of their success is down to Femina, the Mumbai-based women’s magazine, which operates the contest like a well-oiled machine; grooming young women under an iron-tight regime of discipline and rigid rules.

For three months the girls will sleep, eat and breathe nothing but Miss India. The potential rewards are colossal; one of these coveted crowns can transform these young women into goddesses courted by Bollywood, wooed by India’s fabulously wealthy elite and adored by millions.