UK360 - Kirsten O'Brien 04/06/12

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11 June 2012, 05:03

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Kirsten O’Brien presents her second episode of UK360 bringing more inspiring stories from communities across the UK.

Danaher Animal Home
Unfortunately some pets don’t get the best start in life. The Danaher Animal Home – an independently run charity associated with the RSPCA, but entirely self-funded – helps to combat this. Acting as a temporary refuge, it nurses and cares forlocal animals in need. This feature takes a look at the great work done by staff members and volunteers that keeps this home open.

Blacon Festival
Blacon Festival, run annually by residents of Blacon, provides fun, games and the best in community action for those living in Chester. From football and music performances to recruitment stalls and even community support groups, the festival has provided much needed and welcomed variety to the area. This feature details all the goings-on of last year’s event.

Music Therapy
Music therapy has shown to have a profound effect on the body and psyche. UK360 reporter Jeremy Winter visited The Children’s Trust to investigate the importance of this type of treatment and how it positively affects sick children.

Britain’s First Solar Powered Town
Wadebridge,Cornwall aim to generate at least a third of their electricity needs from solar and wind power by 2015. They’re just at the start of their journey, but this follow up feature catches up with the determined residents as they try and recruit the whole town to take part.

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