London360 18/07/11

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18 July 2011, 01:58

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Episode Three Is hosted by London 360's Maleena Pone and features Glee megastar Cory Monteith who invited the team along for an exclusive visit to a children's home in Ealing, where he discusses his aims for a new youth homelessness project and find out just how street-savvy he is in London town.

Also on the program the team goes into the heart of The Big Feastival, a brand new festival of food and music curated by British culinary hero Jamie Oliver. We find out what delights the festival has to offer and meet a few familiar faces along the way.

London 360 investigates Young Londoners in debt. Our capital faces a generation in the red with debt problems rising by 75 per cent in the last three years and that the average debt per person has jumping from £3,500 to £5,000. The team explore the main causes of youth debt, the impact upon the city as a whole and challenge new evidence claiming debt is "good" for young people.

We see a gripping report on Refugee and Migrants in London and learn how immigrants have shaped our capital and what the main issues facing them continue to be.

In the UK over a million people live isolated lives. The team report exclusive footage and results from UK charity Friends of the Elderly's Isolation week, where we see the participants use gloves and vision-impairing glasses to help them experience the effects of physical ageing.

As per usual the team unearth London's secrets and seek The Hardy Tree in the St Pancras Church Gardens.

And finally our very own Maleena Pone finds out what part the capital has played in shaping the Grammy Award winner pop sensation- Estelle! who tells us more about her grammy and her granny!