London360 23/07/12

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24 July 2012, 10:59

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Street Games
London360 reporter Yaw Busia went to East London to see how the charity Street Games helped communities by getting them involved with sporting activities.

Blind Games
Staying in the East End, our reporter Flaminia Giambalvo went to Mile End Park Stadium, one of the Games training sites, for a very special sporting event for the visually impaired… The Blind Games!

Stitches In Time
A community led arts project in Tower Hamlets is bringing people from various cultural backgrounds together to create different kinds of textiles that illustrate the history of the borough. Inspired by the 2012 games, the exhibition highlights how people from all over the world have come to London to make it the great city it is today. Riaz Jay went to learn more.

Transport for All
f there is one thing London will be judged on, it's our transport system. London360 reporter Flaminia Giambalvo investigates how accessible the capital's transport system is for the less abled.

Unlikely Cyclists
Londoners are being told that using their bicycles may be the best way for them to commute to work. Is this a realistic option for disabled people? Reporter Tayana Simons went to meet some unlikely cyclists.

205 Buses
The "greatest show on earth" is finally here and London's had a bit of a facelift. Even the famous double-decker buses, in particular the 205 bus route travelling from Paddington to the Olympic park, have had a makeover. The organisation Magic Me has taken young and old people in the community and inspired them to them to personalise the décor on the 205 buses. Our reporter Riaz Jay took a trip.

Courtney the Cabbie
tar of previous shows, Courtney the Cabbie is back! Courtney tells us what he thinks of the Olympics and how they will affect London.

Two Nations
Diversity was key to London winning the Olympic Games in 2005. However is it possible that such a multicultural city will complicate Londoner's sporting allegiances? Zaneta Denny headed to Farringdon and heard some surprising opinions.

The Voice newspaper wins campaign with mass community support 
The Olympics has seen the world's press and media come to London, with American network NBC having 2000 staff accredited! However, there's been much press coverage this fortnight about Britain's biggest black newspaper, The Voice, finally being granted press accreditation for the venue by Olympics authorities. We have an exclusive interview with the paper's Sports Editor, Rodney Hinds, who tells us how support from the community helped their campaign

Corporate Sponsors
One of the aims of the Olympics is to promote peace and sustainability, with the London Organising Commitee of the Olympics and Paralympics Games declaring these Games will be the greenest and most ethical ever. London360 investigates if there's any truth in this statement, considering some of the controversy surrounding some of the corporate sponsors of the Games.

Lyrix Organix
The Olympics is having a massive cultural impact, from fashion to food; art to music. London360 reporter Yaw Busia went down to The Yard Theatre in Hackney to see how Lyrix Organix, a spoken word event, managed to run a lyrical relay.