UK360 - The Mac Twins 21/05/12

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21 May 2012, 12:57

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The Mac Twins a.k.a. Alana and Lisa Macfarlane (BBC Radio 1xtra, Verge Magazine) present the 17th episode of UK360. Bringing you the latest community stories from across the nation, including young volunteers, a Bournemouth-based charity helping the victims of domestic violence and the social entrepreneur who helped disadvantaged people with football.

Getting Better Together
Getting Better Together was created to establish a series of community related activities to make Shotts in North Lanarkshire, and surrounding areas ‘healthy living communities’ by providing various services and positive influences for local residents. This feature showcases all the hard work that goes into the running of this project.

vInspired is powered by young people aged between 14-25 who want to encourage positive change in their communities by partaking in a variety of volunteering opportunities. This feature showcases all the wonderful work the vInspired team has done for the elderly community.

Until My Heart’s Like, Finished
‘Until My Heart’s Like Finished’ documents the obstacles a group of young people have faced in their lives and the changes they’d like to make. Focusing on the issues of homelessness and family conflict, this moving feature explores the consequences of such life-changing events.

The Butterfly Foundation
Based in Bournemouth, The Butterfly Foundation works with male and female survivors of domestic violence and abuse using creative arts as a healing process. UK360 found out why the work undertaken by this foundation is so important for victims in need of support.

Street Soccer Scotland

Taking the title of the Change Maker of the year was David Duke, founder of Street Soccer Scotland — a social enterprise that delivers a range of football related services to socially disadvantaged adults and young people. UK360 hears from the winner himself as to why his organisation has made such an impact.