London360 07/09/12

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07 September 2012, 11:00

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Cuddle Workshop
Cuddles are crucial in any successful relationship. Studies have found that when we hug each other, the chemicals released have profound ­physical and emotional effects. Although London is one of the busiest cities in the world it can also be a very lonely place, and at the end of a long day, all you may want is a hug to take away stress and bring a bit of comfort. Riaz Jay went to find out how powerful the power of human touch can be… 

Disabled fitness instructors
As the Paralympics challenge misconceptions around sport and disability reporter Flaminia Giambalvo went to talk to a very inspiring group of fitness instructors.  

Forced Marriage
Arranged marriages have played a traditional role in many cultures for centuries matching suitable partners and bringing families together. But how much do we know about forced marriage? The case of Shafilah Ahmed highlighted the dangers of forced marriage and the UK government have recently made the practice a criminal offence. We went to meet a victim who has lived through the ordeal…

Do you think peace can be gained through music? London360 reporter Yaw Busia went down to the Roundhouse for the last leg of the Peacemix tour to find out what its all about.

Courtney the cabbie
Next up, guess who's back? Courtney the cabbie, and this week he will be shedding some light on more aspects of secret London. Take it away Courtney.

According to The Ecologist, around 15 billion farm animals are killed each year for food in the UK. Many find this ethically wrong particularly vegans. Reporter Jyoti Kumar speaks to those leading a vegan lifestyle in London to find out what veganism is all about and how difficult this is to follow.