London360 29/11/13

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29 November 2013, 05:00

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Danielle Osman is your host for the latest episode of London360 – showcasing the capital's hidden communities, showbiz news and day-to-day trials and triumphs of normal Londoners!


We wanted to know more about MBEs, OBEs, CBEs… When the Queen's Honours List is announced, do you ever wonder how these people are chosen? Danielle Osman went to investigate how the system works, the controversies associated, how we can change it and why the government wants your input – especially if you are female or from a minority community.

Many of us go to West End theatres for a night of entertainment, but do we really feel connected to the stories told there? We leave Central London to explore the world of local theatres and find out how they are giving a voice to communities via the stage.

In Series 5, we're looking for vloggers across London that have something to say about our city. Our weekly vlogstar has 30 seconds to have their say. Take it away Kazeem Essoh from East London, this episode's star who vlogs about a lack of understanding and the way people with special needs are treated.

London360 were once again invited to the annual Youth Parliament debate at the House of Commons. You may remember, each year, five topics are debated, of which one is selected as their national campaign for the on going year. A year on, we wanted to know if the 2012 campaign had any effect on mainstream politics. Our reporter Iram Sarwar investigates what impact, if any, the youth parliament has. More Information:

We caught up with the British Red Cross as they invited members of the public to experience the isolated world of a refugee. Our reporters went to the event, held in Waterloo, to find out more. More Information:

Finally, to Crystal Palace for a star studded football match – hosted by the club's foundation and music therapy charity, Nordoff Robbins. A dazzling variety of celebrities including music chart stars, Olympic athletes and actors took part for a great charitable cause and speak about why its a cause close to their hearts. More Information:


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