Mad for Dance - Danielle

Posted by CommunityChannelTV

22 April 2010, 04:10

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Arts Council England, Five and Community Channel joined forces to make a series of five short films demonstrating the restorative benefits that dance brings to people with mental health issues. Mad for Dance is funded by Arts Council England and is part of the acclaimed Mad for… series which has previously included Mad for Music, Mad for Poetry and Mad for Arts.

This collection of stories follows five individuals from across the country, all of whom have a history of mental distress. From social anxiety disorder to severe depression, and from bi-polar disorder to bulimia, the subjects of each film honestly share their stories, explaining how different types of dance help them cope day-to-day and in their communication with others.

Danielle's story:

As a young girl Danielle dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but pressures to be the right shape led to her developing bulimia.

It ruled her life for many years and her GP told her she was unlikely to survive unless she sought help for her condition.

The turning point came when she contacted a helpline and turned to dance again.

This time she took up Flamenco and discovered that in this form of dance age, height and weight are irrelevant.

Flamenco allows you to 'sing and dance with your heart on your sleeve, sharing your joy, your grief, your sensuality, your hope, your fear, your pride; letting the world see you in all your very own imperfect glory…'

Performing flamenco has taught Danielle to embrace her body shape and helped her overcome her bulimia.

She now spends 15 hours a week teaching and sharing her experience of the dance she feels so passionately about.