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05 December 2012, 12:59

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Sold: Indian actress and UNFPA ambassador Lara Dutta presents this documentary, which introduces the horrific conditions forced upon thousands of young girls and boys trafficked into modern slavery in south Asia.

This film features the experiences of Pramila (18), trafficked from Nepal to a Delhi brothel; Afsana (16), taken from Bangladesh into forced domestic servitude in Kolkata; and Zakir, who was trafficked by his aunt into a Zari factory aged just 11-years-old.

Their stories are told alongside those of others involved within the trafficking chain – including one of the middlemen who preyed on young Mumbai women before selling them into brothels, a Zari factory owner and Gita – a former slave who is now a border guard.

MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) is MTV Networks Europe’s multimedia initiative to raise awareness and increase prevention of human trafficking:

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