UK360 - Episode 27 - Charlie Dimmock

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25 September 2012, 12:34

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Charlie Dimmock presents this week's UK360 from her very own garden down in Hampshire. This week's programme is about a subject that we all love – food! We'll be investigating the journey of our food from Farm to Fork and finding out how communities are working to improve our relationship to food.

Labelling Matters
9-year-old Ayrton Cable, grandson of Business Secretary Vince Cable, shares his proposal for a new labelling system for meat and dairy products. The full version of Ayrton's film recently premiered to an audience of MPs and lobbyists in Westminster. If you're interested in signing Ayrton's petition, visit:

Exeter Real Food Store
Down in Exeter, a community has set up their own co-operative providing healthy, sustainable produce from local farmers at reasonable prices. Supported by Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming's food co-ops programme, this project seeks to provide an alternative to the mainstream food system in the city, to the benefit of producers and consumers alike. To find out more about how you can set up your own co-op, visit:

The People's Kitchen
In Hackney, East London, an inspiring group of volunteers are making delicious meals for the local community using food considered as waste! It utilises and spreads awareness of food waste and celebrates the power of community by bringing together a team of volunteers to transform food that was heading for landfill into beautiful cooked meals that are served on a "pay what you can afford" basis. Thanks to Kiss Bank TV who produced this film:

The Last Fisherman
Did you know that over 75% of fishing boats in the UK are under ten metres long? Under EU law, however, they are only allowed 4% of the fishing quota. This film from Greenpeace gives a voice to these small scale fishermen who are extremely worried about their future, and the future of our fish stocks. If you're interested in finding out more, visit:

Animal Aid
Hester Campbell went to investigate the personalities of pigs and chickens and along the way discovered some harsh realities of what life is like for animals in factory farms. Visit for more information on animal rights and welfare. Produced by Environment Films:

Remember, we're always looking for films for upcoming UK360 shows. So if you've got an amazing film about an interesting project in your community, send it to us and we might show it on national television. Email us:

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