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21 February 2014, 09:30

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A London 360 Special explores the impact of social Media.

The Social Media Debate
We go to the ITV studios to cover a high-energy debate chaired by ITN newsreader Charlene White with a panel of celebrities and media experts and an audience of young people. The contentious subject: Social media good or bad?

We explore how vulnerable young people can be put at risk online and at a project that aims to help them create a positive ‘digital footprint’.

Stan Smith
Celebrities including Idris Elba, Ashley Walters and Dynamo attending the Stan Smith shoe launch give their take on the impact of social Media.

Alexis Knox
We challenged celebrity stylist and self-confessed online addict Alexis Knox to go ‘cold Turkey’ and give up all social media.

We look at how women use social media to challenge gender inequality.

While some use social media as a campaign tool these entrepreneurial individuals are using it to boost their careers.