London360 21/08/12

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21 August 2012, 11:23

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In this special episode we look back on the greatest fortnight in a generation, the 2012 London Olympic games.

Homeless torchbearer.
The torch passed by tens of thousands on its journey, giving many special individuals the honour of carrying the flame in front of their communities.London360 met one British Belizian man who has been given his time to shine…an olympic torch bearer who started out homeless on the streets of London, sold the Big Issue, ended up impressing city workers so much he was hired by a city firm, and nominated by them to carry the torch….

Big Dance Event.
We all saw the carefully choreographed dance routines of the opening and closing ceremonies, but away from the Olympic stadium dance played a central role in the London2012 festival. Reporters Charley Dunlop and Jenner Cole went down to the dance floor to find out more.

Olympics’ Effect on London businesses.
London saw several hundred thousand tourists visiting London for the Olympics. So just how has the local economy benefited from this? 
London360 went to find out how businesses have been affected during the games

In the second half of the show we will be looking at how different venues across  London played host to different nations over the games period, showcasing what makes their country unique. We visited three of these special Olympic houses.
First we go to a house very close to our host’s heart, her home nation Jamaica, where not only have they been celebrating athletic legends like Usain Bolt, but also 50 years of independence from British rule….