Mad for Dance - Sarah

Posted by CommunityChannelTV

22 April 2010, 04:14

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Arts Council England, Five and Community Channel joined forces to make a series of five short films demonstrating the restorative benefits that dance brings to people with mental health issues. Mad for Dance is funded by Arts Council England and is part of the acclaimed Mad for… series which has previously included Mad for Music, Mad for Poetry and Mad for Arts.

This collection of stories follows five individuals from across the country, all of whom have a history of mental distress. From social anxiety disorder to severe depression, and from bi-polar disorder to bulimia, the subjects of each film honestly share their stories, explaining how different types of dance help them cope day-to-day and in their communication with others.

Twenty-four-year-old Sarah had always loved dancing but this changed when she suffered a severe psychotic episode brought about by stress. Like many young people, she was working too hard. Three jobs had put so much pressure on her that in the end she didnít sleep for two weeks and started to lose her sense of reality. Her mother took her to hospital where she was sectioned.

Today Sarah is slowly getting better and as part of this recovery, she and her boyfriend have taken up Modern Jive. Sarah finds it's a great release from the stresses of life and has brought some much-needed joy into her life.

'I do like dressing up and putting on a nice dress. Modern Jive is really fun and easy to learn – it's all spins and cool steps. Itís friendly and laid back… It ís just a way of finding a release when youíre stressed. I just love dancing because itís energetic and it really takes your mind off things. Now Sarah and her boyfriend go every week and they love it.'