UK360 Julie Etchingham Episode 24

Posted by CommunityChannelTV

10 August 2012, 02:27

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Julie Etchingham (ITV News at Ten) hosts this 25th UK360 programme bringing more local community stories to a national audience.

What’s Happening Tottenham?
Our young film-makers are in inner city London asking Tottenham’s residents, traders and politicans, how they are recovering a year on from the riots.

Hackney Boxing Academy
UK360 visits one charity in Hackney, East London, that is using Boxing to change the lives of young people who are in danger of educational exclusion.

National Citizen Service
NCS provides young people in Year 11 and 12 from all backgrounds, and with varying abilities, with the opportunity and support to take on new challenges, learn new skills and make a difference. UK360 spoke to some student’s who got involved in this years programme.

Manchester Riots: A year on- Mindless Violence or Social Protest?
UK360 teams up with a group of secondary school pupils in Manchester who wanted to explore the riots that took place in their community last year and debate whether they were a form of social protest or just mindless violence.

Bristol Stories: Gang Culture
UK360 hears from several anonymous young men who share their stories of being part of a gang, and suggest ways to combat the problem of gang culture.