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Art lovers, amateur painters, stay tuned: Graeme Stevenson is here to Put Some Color In Your Life

Just imagine a life full of traveling the world to paint, draw and take pictures.  That sounds like an ideal career choice that everyone would want.  That ideal job is Graeme Stevenson’s reality.  He is the host of Colour in Your Life, simply the biggest art show on British TV, available to watch every day at 2:30pm and 8:30pm on Community Channel.  Graeme paints mostly nature and wildlife and has traveled all over the world for his art. He has seen so many eco systems that he cannot even pick a favourite place.  He has been to Alaska where he’s seen bears, moose, and caribous.  In Africa he’s seen the lions, wilder beasts and elephants.  He said, “to sit quietly and watch the world and understand it through your work is a wonderful experience,” which is why he created Color in Your Life in the first place “so people can access these artists and the artists have a place to show the world who they are as well.”

He knew at age 5 that he wanted to be an artist and people would often tell him “that’s what every kid says when they are five.”  Graeme never let those comments dissuade him from a creative career. When he was younger, he would often wonder off into the bush, much to his mother’s horror, looking for snakes, birds, and nests or anything that had to do with the natural world.  He said, “I ended up learning the ancient Art of Falconry in the end and ended up living with a Master Falconer in California,” in the 90s. 

Graeme sees art as “one of the few things that can rewire human psychology”, especially in a “world that is communicating faster and as much of the information we receive is corrupt, violent, subjugative, homophobic and misogynistic in its presentation.”  He is a keen advocate of sharing and growing art communities, and truly believes that “no matter your level of skill, it is something that any person can do for themselves to enable them to see a better part of they are. You can travel the universe  with a paint brush or a pencil. “

Just this year, on Australia Day, Graeme was awarded the The Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the visual arts.  This is one of Australia’s high honors any citizen can be awarded. Stevenson recalls jokingly being puzzled when he received the letter labelled from the governor general and wondering what it could be about, so when he opened it and found out he had be awareded the MOA, it was a nice surprise. He will receive four medals overall on the 5th of May.

Graeme receives so many emails, literally tens of thousands of people all over the world are thanking him for creating Color in Your Life.  Graeme’s show differs from other programmes about artists because some of these art shows only have one or two artists showing techniques over and over again, and “CIYL is a window into the lives of each individual person.”

If you love art, then you do not want to miss Color In Your Life where he’ll travel all over the world to meet with different artists and learn about their art.  


Colour In Your Life premieres on Community Channel 3rd APRIL 14:30/20:30/02:30

Follow the series Monday to Friday 14:30/20:30/02:30

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