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March is the right time for a spring clean

The Spring Clean comes to the Community Channel in March! Whether it’s your home or body we got it covered with our exciting programmes.

We bring Embarrassing Bodies to the Community Channel, so all those quirky body questions that we brush under the carpet are out in the open and fixed!

That’s for your body, now for your castles… We bring you one and half hours of non-stop home renovation and design with Flip that House and Designers Homes. Get inspired to upgrade your homes! It may bring that start to the Spring you have been looking for!

We bring you a sensitive insight into the world of recovery from addiction in Recovery Street Brighton, a film made by Kennedy Street, run by Kevin Kennedy (Curly Watts of Coronation Street). This is an inspiring film about people and their journeys to change their lives. Read also our exclusive Kevin Kennedy interview here.

As the new steps in, the old are pushed to the side. Changes come in many guises. For What We Are About to Lose – Carlton Mansion is a look at an iconic building that was lined up for development in Brixton and the tenants that faced eviction. From the mural to the memories, will they be a forgotten legacy?

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