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Voices: British Black Experience on the Community Channel

Each year in the UK, October is dedicated to understanding British Black History, and so this month we hope to educate and activate our viewers!

This month is a diverse collection of work from independent as well as established talent, made up of documentaries talking about the British Black History of the UK, short films made by upcoming black directors, film on black British athletes and we take a candid look into the British Black culture.

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Check out our Exclusive Interview with Keith Hayes Creator of "On the High Street"

This month we premiered the 8 part series of “On the High Street”, the show about the events that have occurred in one small UK town high street with over 1000 years of history and how it reflects many High Streets in many communities across the UK. We Interviewed TV filmmaking veteran Keith Hayes and find out about his longstanding TV career and the world-changing events that took place in “Lewes”

1. How Did You Get into Filmmaking?

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Curvy Is Real and We Love It


In times when media is overwhelmingly present in our lives, women are bombarded with multiple advertisements and messages displaying unrealistic body images, and can sometimes feel insecure about themselves, thinking they do not look like the models that are in the advertisements.

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It's all festive at the Community Channel!

Hello from all of us at the Community Channel!

It’s been as wild of a twelve months within the Channel as it has elsewhere, with our own year defined by breaking new ground and becoming the first national supporter-owned television channel, where hundreds of people came together and helped us secure our future.

To celebrate, we have packed this holiday season with the best possible array of entertaining and inspirational programming we can provide.

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We did it!

We beat our Crowdfunder goal and will become the nation’s first community-owned TV channel for social impact

We successfully raised over £390,000 through Crowdfunder – securing an additional £90,000 of revenue for the channel’s future plans versus the original target. 

We will now become the UK’s first community-owned TV, online and mobile brand dedicated to social impact. You have made this a reality!

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