Follow us down the rabbit hole, as we delve into the weird and wonderful world of art. Brace yourselves as our gang take you around the country to experience magnificent arts projects.

Save the Channel

The channel is closing is at risk of closure on June 30th. Be part of something special and save the channel as we become the first UK national TV channel owned by the people, for the people.

Food Rebels

A series dedicated to championing the pioneers who are changing our approach to the way we grow, share, sell and eat food to be local, fresh, sustainable and real.

The Memory Team

Nearly 50 million people in the world have dementia and this is set to triple in the next 35 years, with a new case every 3.2 seconds.

Easy Riders

The Easy Riders are back as they take on the challenge of biking from London to Brighton but... they've decided to do it the wrong way round!

Crafty Beggars

Those crafty beggars are back, but this time they’re taking things from the street and into the house, as they show you just how crafty you can be.

Community Channel is at risk of closing on the 30th June. This is your chance to save the channel and  become one of our owners as we become the world’s first national TV channel to be owned by the people, for the people.

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Community Channel is the UK’s only TV channel dedicated to highlighting stories from across the nation, from communities, charities and those brilliant people who make society better for us all every day.

It is available 24/7 across all the major TV platforms in 26 million UK homes, and is streamed and available on-demand. In 2015 ten million unique viewers tuned in.

Community Channel continues to change countless lives right across the UK, for our viewers, our charity partners and for the diverse talent we’ve nurtured who say we are driving awareness and support for their work as well as giving them a voice.

Our viewers tell us they are being inspired to drive real social impact. A million people a year now do more for others thanks to the channel.

We want to build on this and inspire even more people. We now want Community Channel to become the first people-owned TV channel for social impact.

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  1. Community Channel is the ONLY TV channel in the UK dedicated to social impact and raising awareness for communities  
  2. Over ten million people watch the...

Community Channel is launching a Community Share Offer. This is your chance to become one of our owners as we become the world’s first national TV channel to be owned by the people, for the people.



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