Registration now open for free 2017 Grow Wild kits

The Community Channel is taking part in the UK’s biggest ever wild flower campaign by sharing free Grow Wild kits with specially selected groups.

If you’re a community volunteer, your group is invited to transform shared spaces into inspiring and colourful wild flower havens with simple seed sowing and sharing.

You don’t need a garden or growing experience; just enthusiasm and two-minutes today to tell us about your group. You’ll be joining over a million Grow Wilders across the UK.

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Curvy Is Real and We Love It


In times when media is overwhelmingly present in our lives, women are bombarded with multiple advertisements and messages displaying unrealistic body images, and can sometimes feel insecure about themselves, thinking they do not look like the models that are in the advertisements.

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It's all festive at the Community Channel!

Hello from all of us at the Community Channel!

It’s been as wild of a twelve months within the Channel as it has elsewhere, with our own year defined by breaking new ground and becoming the first national supporter-owned television channel, where hundreds of people came together and helped us secure our future.

To celebrate, we have packed this holiday season with the best possible array of entertaining and inspirational programming we can provide.

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We did it!

We beat our Crowdfunder goal and will become the nation’s first community-owned TV channel for social impact

We successfully raised over £390,000 through Crowdfunder – securing an additional £90,000 of revenue for the channel’s future plans versus the original target. 

We will now become the UK’s first community-owned TV, online and mobile brand dedicated to social impact. You have made this a reality!

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Community Channel campaign reaches 80% of target thanks to £50,000 pledge from Big Lottery Fund

Community Channel announced today that it had received a pledge from Big Lottery Fund to invest £50,000 in support of its campaign to create the first people-owned national TV channel. This brings the amount raised to £250,000 from 170 investors and includes a similar pledge of £150k from Sky last week.

The commitment from the Big Lottery Fund moves Community Channel closer to achieving its target of raising an immediate £300,000, enabling it to stay on air after the end of July. 

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